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10 October2023

October Space Chronicle
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E & OE
1. Pushing the Envelope
2. Gordo and Pete
3. Apollo, MOL and the Soviets
4. Preparations
5. "We're on our way"
6. Gemini 5's Two Little Rascals
7. "When are we gonna get the fuel cell back?"
8.Chasing a Phantom
9."Right in that same nice big black void"
10. "Still clanking along in the old, covered wagon"
11. Another Bright Day
12. One Hundred Down, Twenty-Two to Go
13. A 300-Coffee-Cup-Per-Shift Mission
14. "Everything is just peachy keen"
15. Somersaults on the Flight Deck
16. Post-flight Presidents and Parades
17. Afterwards
Dave's latest book is now published
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ISBN: 978-3-031-11377-2
429 Pages Illustrated

Published March 2023
Skylab @ 50
Recognising Skylab's 50th anniversary and the relaunch of our website, we are offering a collection of publications celebrating America's national space station.

Go to our Skylab shop page
to find out more
Dave's Next Book
The next title from Springer-Praxis will be:
David J. Shayler and Michael D. Shayler

Publication in 2024
BIS Space Chronicle

The October 2023 issue is now available. £7.99 from the BIS.

Next Issue Due: January 2024
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