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Apollo 11 Book
Apollo 11 Moon Landing - David J Shayler
Published by Ian Allan - ISBN: 0-7110-1844-8
Originally published by Ian Allan in 1989, this title was to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first manned landing on the moon in July 1969.  Following on from previous titles in the 'From the Flight-Deck' series the text provides accurate information on the progress of the Apollo 11 mission by using extracts from the mission voice tapes and official archives.  This puts the reader inside the space craft as this historic mission progresses.  The photographs and illustrations were provided by NASA Rockwell, Grumman as well as other leading Apollo contractors.

The format follows the mission from launch through splash-down and describes the basic Apollo lunar flight profile.  It presents additional information on various techniques and procedures conducted during the mission as well as the support roles played by the team on the ground.

This book is now out of print in its original format but is  available on CD entitled 'Moonwalk One' with bonus features.