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Arsebarsky, Anatoli
Anatoli Artsebarsky completed only one flight into space. As Commander of Soyuz TM-12 Anatoli Artsebarsky was also the Commander of the ninth main expedition to the Mir space station. Soyuz TM-12 was the mission that took the first citizen from Great Britain into space (Helen Sharman) under the UK Juno programme. Launched on 18 May 1991 the main objective of the residency was one of construction with eight EVA's planned during their five month stay on the space station.  Helen Sharman returned after on week on the station with the Mir-8 cosmonauts Viktor Afanasyev and Musa Manarov.  When changes affected the planned follow missions Mir- 9 Flight Engineer Sergei Krikalev remained on board the station with the Mir-10 commander (Alexandr Volkov) until March 1992, whilst Artsebarsky returned as planned with the two Soyuz TM-13 cosmonaut researchers from Kazakhstan (Toktar Aubakirov) and Austria (Franz Viehbock) in October 1991.
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