American astronaut John W. Young had a remarkable career.  Selected in 1962  from the US Navy, where he had test flown the Phantom jet, he trained to fly on the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft and had a distinguished career flying two missions in each programme.  On his final Apollo mission in 1972, he became the 9th man to walk on the moon.  After that, when most astronauts would have hung up their space boots, Young remained active taking the role of Chief Astronaut and began training for a flight on the space shuttle.  He became the first Shuttle commander taking the vehicle on its maiden flight into space in 1961 and then commanded a second Shuttle mission two years later which carried the first European Spacelab science laboratory.  Though chosen for a record seventh mission to deploy the Hubble Space Telescope, he would not return to orbit, but remained at NASA in a series of managerial roles for the next twenty years.  This veteran astronaut finally retired from NASA in 2004 after 42 years service.  In this presentation, Dave recalls the life, career and achievements of a true space explorer - John Young.
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