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on the Human Exploration of Space
Astro Info Service Limited
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Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
Company No.4865911
This CD includes a complete collection of 90 issues of our  popular magazine focusing upon the space shuttle programme. Published between 1984-1992 
pdf format
A complete collection of over 60 issues of our popular magazine on the Soviet space programme. Published between 1985-1992
This CD also features the spring 2013 commemorative issue and the 1985 book on the Soviet Cosmonaut Detachment by Dave Shayler & Rex Hall. 
pdf format
This disc reproduces the original the 1989 book authored by Dave Shayler and published by
Ian Allan.
Recalling the flight of Apollo 11 with extra features and a report on Apollo 8 reprinted from our website.
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Included on this CD is over 6 hours of audio highlights from each Apollo mission, together with 11 mission data cards
pdf format.
A must for any Apollo enthusiast.
Audio CD Collection mp3 format
Featuring audio highlights from the Columbia, Challenger, Discovery & Atlantis collection
Highlights of each of the three manned missions to America's only national space station.