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Collins, Michael
NASA Astronaut
Group 3 (1963)

Mike Collins is often the forgotten member of the historic Apollo 11 crew. As Comamnd Module Pilot, he remained alone in lunar orbit as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin completed the lunar landing and first moonwalk. For 27 hours 51 minutes he completed 14 lunar orbits alone in the CSM ‘Columbia’ completing landmark sightings, surface photography and scouting future landing sites. The role of CMP was not to walk on the moon, but was nevertheless as important as the other positions in that he was responsible for the main mother craft of Apollo , gathering information on the moon from orbit including detailed imagery for planning future landings and if practical for rescuing the stranded LM in lunar obit. If the LM crew became stranded on the moon he would have had to make the long flight home alone, a prospect neither that Collins, nor any of the Apollo CM Pilots had to face in reality.
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