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Conrad, Pete
NASA Astronaut
Group 2 (1962)
Pete Conrad was always one of the characters of the early manned space programme. Mike Collins thought he should play Pete Conrad in a Pete Conrad movie, and he was termed a ‘Rocket man’ in his later years. Though nor making the first NASA astronaut selection his 12 years as an astronaut was highlighted by four important missions that stretched the endurance record of manned spaceflight twice, demonstrated procedures and techniques to fly to the moon and achieved pin point accuracy of landing on the moon  near a designated target. Even after leaving the astronaut programme Conrad remained a leading figure in development new techniques to access space. When John Glenn made a second flight aged 77 Conrad, now 66 hoped that he too could make a fifth mission , this time on the Shuttle, sadly it was a mission that he would not make. This larger than life character lost his life as a result of motorcycling injures in July 1999 aged 69.
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