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Contributions by Dave Shayer
Books with contributions by Dave Shayler
Who's Who in Space by Michael Cassutt
A collection of biographies for all those chosen to train for flights into space.  Sections include NASA astronauts, civilian and military shuttle payload specialist, USAF pilots in the X-15, the X-20 Dyna-Soar and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, Soviet Cosmonauts and Internationalparticipants.
Who's Who in Space: The first 25 Years (Hardcover)
ISBN: 0-8161-8801-7 - Published 1987 - G.K. Hall & Co.
Who's Who in Space: The International Space Year Edition
(hardcover) ISBN: 10-0028970926 / ISBN: 13.9780028970959 - Published 1993
This unique biographical reference profiles the people of every nationality who traveled in space from the spring of 1961 to the summer of 1992.  The book also includes details of those individual who underwent rigorous training but did not fly into space.  No other source book is comparable in scope, detail and ease of accessibility.
Cold War Space Sleuths
The Untold Secrets of the Soviet Space Program
with a Foreword by William P Barry (NASA Chief Historian)
Softcover, ISBN: 978-1-4614-3051-3
Published 2013
300 pages, 50 illustrations
Gives first hand accounts of an often forgotten aspect of the Cold War space race, the attempts to uncover secretive Soviet activities.  Presents the first historiography of Soviet space historians.  Provides new and unique insights into the often familiar story of the Soviet space program.  Cold War Space Sleuths reads like a Cold War espionage novel, but the reality of the story about the dedicated amateur observers bent on finding out about Soviet spaceflight during the Cold War is just as exciting and absorbing.  Told in the sleuth's own words, each chapter unfolds a piece of the hidden history of what was happening behind the iron curtain.  Coming from all over the world, including Russia itself, the amateur spies given first hand accounts of often-forgotten aspects of the Cold War space race.
Chapter 1: Space Sleuths and their scoops' (Domonic Phelan)
Chapter 2: Hidden in plain view (Brian Harvey)
Chapter 3: The satellite trackers (Sven Grahn)
Chapter 4: Cosmonauts who weren't there (James Oberg)
Chapter 5: The view from Paris (Claude Wachtel & Christian Lardier)
Chapter 6: Orbital elements of surprise (Phillip Clark)
Chapter 7: Adventures in Star City (Bert Vis)
Chapter 8: Russian - language sleuthing (Bart Hendrickx)
Chapter 9: People and archives (Asif A. Siddiqi)
CHAPTER 10 : Urban Cosmonauts and Space Historians (David J Shayler)
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History of Mir & The Final Year - Edited by Rex Hall
The History of Mir - Published 2000 - ISBN: 0-9506597-4-6
Human space flight will be influenced for generations to come by lessons learned on Mir and this BIS book chronicles its development as the first truly International Space Station.  The story of Mir is remarkable - one of the great successes of modern space exploration.  Continuously occupied in Earth orbit for 15 years, Mir's cosmonaut and astronaut visitors set many new space records.  The books contributors are all experts on aspects of the Soviet-Russian and American space programmes and 'The History of Mir' became a key reference work in its own right.

Dave provided a chapter on NASA space shuttle docking missions with Mir and a Mir EVA Log 1987-2000
Mir the Final Year: Published 2001 - ISBN: 9-9506597-5-4
The Mir Space Station came down to Earth on 23 March 2001  This supplement completes the story told in the BIS publication 'The History of Mir 1986-2000'.  Mir-The Final Year, covers details of the final re-entry operations.  It has updates on EVA's experiments as well as details of the crews who did not fly to Mir due to the curtailment of operations and many new crew photos have been added in the photo file.

The update chapter on Mir EVA Logs 1987-2001 was compiled by David J Shayler
International Space Station Volume 1 & Volume 2
Edited by Rex Hall
The International Space Station
From Imagination to Reality (volume 1)
Published 2002 - ISBN: 0-950659-6-2
This full colour publication includes the development of the International #space Station (ISS) during its formative years.  It covers the first concept up to the initial stages of construction to the end of 2001.  There are many drawings and pictures shown for the first time.  This is a detailed record of the first stage of construction of the space station which has become a permanent base for manned operations for many years.

Dave wrote the chapter on NASA Shuttle missions to ISS during the period 1998-2001
The International Space Station: from Imagination to Reality (Volume 2) -published 2005 - ISBN: 0-950659-8-9
This book is the second in the series charting the progress of the International Space Station and overviews the operations of the station from 2002.  During this period its construction has been delayed due to the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia on a mission not directly related to station operations, but which was conducting a number of science experiments that is also a prime purpose of the station.  This accident brings home again that space travel is never routine and it always operating on the edge.  The loss of a shuttle means major changes in both day to day station operations and the methods of supplying the resident crews with the basics of sustaining station occupation.

Dave wrote the chapter on the second phase of the NASA Shuttle missions to ISS covering the period from 2002- early 2005.
Who's Who in Space 3rd edition: International Space Station Edition. (hardcover)  496 pages, published 1999
ISBN:100028649656/ISBN: 139780028649658
A revised and updated 3rd edition of Who's Who in Space, Michael Cassutt's biographical reference work on the history of space exploration and the people who have been pioneers in the field.  This edition covers all the major changes in the space programmes since 1992 including preparation for the launch of the International Space Station scheduled for 1999.  The work is illustrat4ed throughout, including a multi-page insert of colour photographs of NASA mission crew patches and key figures in the U.S. And Russian space programmes.
Dave contributed a chapter on  the NASA astronaut selection
Dave provided an updated chapter on the NASA astronaut selections and a World EVA Log listing
Dave updated his chapter on NASA astronaut selections and brought the EVA log up to date