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Disasters & Accidents
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Disasters & Accidents in Manned Spaceflight - David J Shayler
with Foreword by Jerry Carr (former NASA astronaut)
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Extent: 170 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: May 2000
ISBN: 978 1 85233 225 9
In Disasters and Accidents in Manned Spaceflight, David Shayler examines the challenge that face all crews as they prepare and execute their missions.  The book covers all aspects that make up spaceflight by a human crew - training, launch to space, survival in space and return from space, followed by a series of case histories which tell of the major incidents in each of those categories over the past 40 years. 

The sixth section looks at the International Space Station and how it is planned to try and prevent, as far as possible, major incidents occurring during the lifetime of the space station and at the difficulties facing a settlement on the Moon or Mars during the next 40 years.

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