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Exploring Space
Exploring Space - David  J Shayler
Foreword by Joe Allen (former NASA astronaut)
Published by Hamlyn Childrens Books - ISBN: 0-600-51899-3

Reading through the pages of this book caused me to think about the great fun of 'making a space-flight'  a quote from astronaut Joe Allen's foreword.  This colourful and highly illustrated  book offers an introduction to flying and working in space, from launch to landing.  The text also explains how space flight has been applied to helping us learn about the Earth, the planets and stars and how technology from the space programme benefits us all.  This full colour book is supplemented with four peel-back see-through pages that include a rocket launch pad, a space-suit and Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), Russia's space station Mir and NASA's space shuttle.