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Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
Company No.4865911
Garriott, Owen
NASA Scientist Astronaut
Group 4 (1965)
In June 1965, electrical engineer Owen Garriott became one of the first scientists selected for NASA astronaut training. During a 21 year astronaut career he participated in two historic spaceflights. In the summer of 1973, as Science Pilot on the Skylab 3 crew, the second manned mission to America’s  pioneering space station, he helped establish a new world record of 59 days. Ten years later Garriott returned to space as a Mission Specialist on the STS-9 crew, which carried the first European built Spacelab 1 science module on a ten day mission. Though assigned to a third mission Garriott left NASA in 1986 to work in private industry.
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