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Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
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Gorbatko, Viktor
Russian Cosmonaut
1st Air Force Selection  (1960)
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Viktor Gorbatko was one of the first group of Air Force pilots selected for cosmonaut training in 1960 and went on to complete three missions aboard Souiz between 1969 and 1980, including two visits to Salyut space stations.  His first flight was as Research Engineer aboard Soyuz 7 during the first group flight (with Soyuz 6 and Soyuz 8) in October 1969.  He then commanded the Soyuz 24 mission to Salyut 5 in February 1977 and returned to space a third time as commander of the Soviet-Vietnamese crew aboard Soyuz 37, including a visit to the Salyut 6 space station during July 1980.