Early plans to place humans into space were influenced by military objectives as much, if not more than scientific ones.  The American armed forces recognised the potential for creating military bases in space and on the Moon.  Although the civilian US government space agency NASA would be the first to put Americans into space and on the moon, the US military never gave up its desire to establish their own food hold in space.  Meanwhile over in the Soviet union the potential for military men in space was not lost on the communist leaders.  Cloaked in secrecy the Soviets developed plans for manned military space stations, reconnaissance and interceptor systems and train a cadre of cosmonaut to fly the missions.  Whilst America pushed for the moon the USAF developed its own space station programme, which in the end, never flew.  In the 1980's the Shuttle programme offered the prospect of a number of military mission from a launch site in California, whilst the Soviets had flown a number of its military space stations, called Almaz.  Then in the 1990's everything changed as the Soviet Union collapsed and a new order emerged.
In this revealing and informative lecture Dave tells of the development of military manned space flight operations and those chosen to fly the missions and what became of the military man in space programme.
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