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Astro(naut) Info(rmation) Service was formed in 1982 to distribute the latest news on the growing number of people selected to train for space flights.  The first AIS published booklet on the third NASA astronaut selection came out later that year.  The publication schedule soon expanded to include other aspect of the programme, including STS Annual Reports and EVA Reports.  This first series of publications culminated into monthly news magazines, ORBITER and ZENIT.

Orbiter began publication in 1984 as a magazine devoted to the Shuttle and the Freedom Space Station programme.  Zenit began a year later in bi-monthly format, covering developments in the Soviet programmes.  Both magazines were published through to 1992.

From the early 1970's, Dave has also provided a presentation series to schools, groups and enthusiasts on various aspects of human spaceflight.  These presentation have continued thoughout the lifetime of AIS.  Regular anniversary presentationn on the Apollo missions are second in popularity to the school presentations AT HOME IN SPACE (WHICH Dave subtitles 'Eating, Drinking, Going to the toilet and Being Sick').

This educational and outreach programme expanded rapidly, with the Setpoint organisation presentations to schools of At Home in Space in 2003 to over 5000 children in the West Midlands in three months.  We also delivered our other show and tell presentation on a Mission to the Moon, Our Earth in Space and Journey Around the Solar System to an ever increasing number of pupils across all Key Stages.  This work soon expanded across the Midlands, throughout Wales and Bedfordshire.  In addition our Space Workshop programme featured a series of experiments and science activities base around different aspects of human spaceflight missions which was offered to schools from September 2003.  AIS was also heavily involved creating a new BIS publication for schools (called Voyage) during 2001 and 2005.

AIS publications have continued to expand and improve with  detailed biographies on the world's space explorers, the Shuttle missions, Spacewalks and aspects of the Soviet / Russian programme.  Dave also continues to publish articles in the British Interplanetary Society publications through Astro Info Service and attends the Soviet/CIS/Russian Technical Forum held at the BIS HQ in London.  Dave first attended in 1983 and has regularly presented papers, which later appear in the society's JBIS magazine.

Dave's other work through AIS has been published in the Spaceflight News, UK SEDS Magazine and in the 1989 Magill's Science Survey and the Soviet Space Year Review (both published in the US).  Dave has also contributed to the US Who's Who in Space volume in 1987, and its two update editions in 1992 and 1998.  Dave has provided articles and research for several other books, loaned photos and other material for commercial publications and has authored several cards in the US Mpress series Secrets of the Universe (1999).

In October 1999. Dave gave up his 'normal' career to devote all his time to Astro Info Service, developing AIS products and services, researching new books and articles and continuing to present the science of humans in space to children of all ages through the AIS programme of fun and informative presentations.

The most significant development was the creation of our web site in May 2000.  The objective of the site was to provide a range of reports and information on current and historic human spaceflight activities.  Though news reports provide updates to the reader, the site is not intended to be a news source, but rather an accurate  and informative reference of data from a variety of worldwide sites.  It is especially aimed at the enthusiast and younger generation who just wish to learn the story behind the headlines. The site also acts as a shop-window for other Astro Info Service activities, publications and services, which are advertised on the site as they appear.

In may 2000, Dave attended the first Autographica featuring four former Apollo astronauts (bean, Cunningham, Gordon and Mitchell) in Northampton.  The second show in May of 2001 was bigger and better.

This time, there were 8 former space explorers from the US and Russia.  Dave and Astro Info Service initiated arranging the appearance of former Skylab astronauts with their presentations and shared the platform with former Shuttle Commander, Richard Searfoss.  Astro Info Service also co-operated with Springer/Praxis and Apogee Books to promote recent releases from a stand, which also served to promote our own range of services and publications.

We also had the opportunity to host several presentation to schools in the Midlands, featuring former Shuttle astronaut Don Lind.  The Astro Info Service presentation service expanded into London, Kent and West Sussex and north into Yorkshire during the 1999-2001 period.

In 2002, AIS was again joined at Autographica by Jerry Carr and displayed Dave's ever-widening range of Springer-Praxis books.  This time however, AIS also provided a popular range of biographical data cards of all the space guests, at the show, giving the autograph collectors a chance to find out a little bit more about the guests they were meeting (including four Cosmonauts, plus Carr and Cunningham).

Show work in 2003 included participation with the BIS at Astrofest in February and at the British Festival of Space in Guildford in July;  Autographica in May (hosting Paul Weitz and Ed Gibson and again providing our data cards for all space guests); IAF in Bremen, Germany (on the UK Pavillion but on our own stand)

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