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Marswalk One
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Marswalk One: First steps on a new planet
David J Shayler / Andrew Salmon / Michael D. Shayler
with Foreword by Dick Gordon (former NASA astronaut)
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This book was nominated for the award in the category of

at the 2006 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards
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Extent: 280 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: May 2005
ISBN: 978 1 85233 792 6
The first human activity on Mars will be a momentous occasion, even more significant than Neil Armstrong's 'giant leap'.

*  What will happen when the first human crew sets foot on the red sands of Mars?

*  What can they achieve that an automated mission can not?

*  How will the first Marwalk take place?

All these questions and more are answered in MARSWALK ONE: First steps on a new planet.  Using analysis from previous human and automated space programmes, the authors provide a credible scenario of the first human landing on the Red Planet.  This fascinating and unique book will help everyone interested in the space program to understand the clear benefits of sending a human crew to the surface of Mars.  Sustained long-term public and political support for the program is a challenge to be faced and overcome.

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