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McCandless, Bruce
NASA Astronaut
Group 5 (1966)

Bruce McCandless was chosen for the Apollo programme in 1966 but had to wait 18 years to fly his first spaceflight on the STS 41-B Shuttle mission. It may have been a long wait but on that mission he made history on 8 February 1984 by becoming the first person to perform and un-tethered EVA and fly a MMU and used it to move 320 feet away from the Shuttle Challenger. Images of the lone McCandless floating high above the Earth is one of the iconic image of the early years of the Shuttle programme. McCandless was in fact a human satellite or the Earth for about 90 minutes circling the Earth once un-tethered from the Shuttle. He made a second historic spaceflight a member of the Hubble deployment crew on STS-31 in 1990.
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