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Moonwalk One CD
The Flight of Apollo 11
By David J Shayler

Published in 2005 by Astro Info Service Publications

Text copyright © 1989 & 2005 D. J. Shayler

Previously published as From the Flight Deck 4: Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Ian Allan Books Ltd 1989

Text copyright reverted to author in 2005

This revised edition © 2005 Rhelays Ltd (AIS Ltd)

Edited and compiled by Mike Shayler
This CD was originally published as a book by Ian Allan in 1989 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing mission of Apollo 11.  The intention was to provide an accurate account of this historic flight from the view-point of the crew.  The text follows the progress of the Apollo 11 mission and describes important events during the flight as well as extracts from the mission voice tapes of Apollo 11 from official NASA archives.  Photographs and illustrations were kindly provided by NASA, Rockwell Corporation, Grumman Corporation and other leading Apollo contractors.  Whilst many of the photographs are from the actual Apollo 11 mission some are from other Apollo flights to illustrate certain events and techniques.
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Disc Contents
Kennedy's Goal Separation
Introduction Descent
Author's Mptes Alarms
Pre-Launch Touchdown
Sauiting Up Moonwalk One
Climbing Aboard One Small Step
Check and Preparations Magnificent Desolation
Launch Ceremonies
Staging Experiments
Earth Orbit Packing Up
Heading Out Lunar Lift-Off
Translunar Coast Rendezvous
Command Module Back in the CM
Navigation Burn for Home
Living in Space Trans Earth Coast
Service Module Mission Control
Lunar Orbit Grateful Thanks
Around the Moon Re-entry
Lunar Module Spashdown
Flying Bug Quarantine
Lunar Landing Aftermath
Additional Features
Gallery of 80 images from the Apollo 11 mission
Profiles of Flight Crew
Neil Armstrong Mission Commander
Michael Collins Command Module Pilot
Buzz Aldrin Lunar Module Pilot
(apollo timeline; countdown milestones; mission events)
Planning (mission decisions; alternate missions; EVA timline)
Crew (crew selection; who goes first; Flight experience)
Vehicles (spacecraft preparation; spacecraft weight; Apollo spacecraft flight history)
Bonus Features
Full Apollo 8 Mission Report from the Astro Info Service Website written in December 2003 to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this historic first manned mission to the moon.
A pdf file of the original text from the Apollo 11 book published in 1989 by Ian Allan.

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