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NASA Space Shuttle - From the Flightdeck - H.R. Siepmann & D.J. Shayler
Published by Ian Allan - ISBN:  071101981X
NASA Space Shuttle
The following text is taken from the preface of the above book
There is no such thing as a typical Space Shuttle flight.  The intention of this book is to present a wide view of the type of activities performed in the first five years of Space Transportation System (STS) Operations.  To concentrate on the story of one real mission would not accomplish this, as each flight is unique.  The book has therefore been written around an imaginary flight of the Orbiter which can be considered to have taken place at some time during the fifth year of Shuttle operations.  Although the flight itself is imaginary, the incidents are largely those which really occurred during a selection of missions, and the words of the crew are derived from genuine NASA voice tapes.

The photographs and illustrations which accompany the text have been kindly provided by NASA from various shuttle missions.