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NASA's Scientist Astronauts
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NASA's Scientist-Astronauts - David J Shayler & Colin Burgess
with Foreword by Owen Garriott (former NASA astronaut)
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Extent: 600 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publucation Date: August 2006
ISBN: 978 0 387 21897 7
The first astronauts were military last pilots.  Science was never at the forefront of their minds - their primary objectives was to survive the mission and report on engineering aspects of their flights.  In 1965, the first of two teams of NASA Scientist-Astronauts were selected, but not without causing immediate outcries and deep divisions within the ranks of existing astronauts, who hotly contended that the scientist's lack of flight and technical experiences could jeopardise the safety of future missions and the crew's lives.

NASA's Scientist-Astronauts:

* Is the first book about NASA's two scientist astronaut groups from the late 1960's

* Reveals how their fortunes and careers were shaped or even cut short by budgets, politics and flight opportunities

* Provides an inside view of the workings of the Astronaut Office

* Tells how the first astronaut scientists and physicians pioneered the Science Officer role on the ISS.

This incredible story relates how a small number of dedicated scientist helped NASA shape personal scientific research in space.  Easily readable and well-illustrated, it is an invaluable source of reference for all space flight enthusiasts.

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