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Established 1982
Incorporation 2003
Company No.4865911
Ride, Sally
NASA Astronaut
Group 8 (1978)

Sally Ride became the first American and only the third woman to fly in space on 18 June 1983 as a member of the STS-7 crew. Just over a year later in October 1984 she became the first American and only the second woman to fly in space twice, this time as a member of the STS-41G crew. Both her missions were flown on the space shuttle Challenger. Less than two years after that second mission she as on the Presidential Board investigating the loss of Challenger and a crew of seven just 73 seconds after launch. Just prior to leaving NASA in 1987 Sally produced the widely acclaimed report: Leadership and America’s Future in Space and then embarked on a lifetime passion of encouraging and supporting the young generation, especially women to study science and maths creating her highly successful company Sally Ride Science. Sadly in July 2012 aged just 61 she died after a 17 month battle with cancer. In tributes on her passing US President Barack Obama described her as a national hero and a powerful and inspirational role model to generations of young girls.
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