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Schmitt, Jack
NASA Astronaut
Group 4 (1965)
Geologist Jack Schmitt has the distinction of being the first and only scientist astronaut to walk on the moon during the Apollo programme. As Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 17, the sixth and final lunar landing mission of the series. With Commander Gene Cernan he spent three days exploring the lunar surface at Taurus Littrow, located on the south-eastern edge of the Sea of Serenity. At the same items Command Module Pilot Ron Evans conducted extensive observations and operated instruments from orbit. Apollo 17, known as ‘The Last Apollo’ to the moon broke several records including the longest manned lunar landing flight (over 301 hrs), longest lunar surface EVA (over 22 hrs) largest sample return (115kg) and longest time in lunar orbit (over 147 hrs). It is unlikely these records will be broken before 2022; 50 years after Apollo 17 set them
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