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Sharipov, Salizhan
Selected as a Russian Air Force pilot Cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov flew his first mission as a Mission Specialist on the American Shuttle mission STS-89. This was the 8th Shuttle docking mission to the Russian Mir space station. The primary objective was to deliver the seventh and final NASA astronaut to Mir (Andy Thomas) for a 140 day residency, and bring home the sixth NASA astronaut (Dave Wolf) after 128 days in space. STS-89 was also the 89th Shuttle flight and the 12th flight of OV-105 (Endeavour). Sharipov’s role on the mission was to assist in the transfer of logistics into Mir, and photo documentation and TV activities and Earth observations.
Russian (Kirghizian Republic) Cosmonaut
11th Air Force Selection (1990)
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