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Shuttle Challenger
Shuttle Challenger - David J Shayler
with a Foreword by Gordon Fullerton
(former NASA astronaut)
Published by Salamander Books Limited
ISBN: 0-86101-282-0
Shuttle Challenger is a book about a space vehicle.  In detailed text and official NASA photo's, the  complete story of OV-099 unfolds from it's development through it's 10 missions, subsequent inquiry and programme recovery.  This book is the story of why Challenger succeeded, and succeeded well, rather than just a book of why she and her crew of seven were lost.

To help readers find their way about, the book opens with two chapters that explain Challenger's role in the overall Shuttle programme, and her construction history.  The central section of the book consists of a detailed examination of each of her ten missions, including the disastrous 51-L.  A final chapter looks at the findings of the Commission of Inquiry.  In conclusion, appendices list all Challenger's astronauts and payloads.  A selection of data  tables and a glossary are also included.