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Skylab Collection
Skylab 1 & 2
May 14 to June 22, 1973
2 CD set
Skylab 3
July 28 to September 25, 1973
2  CD set
Skylab 4
November 16 1973 to February 9, 1974
2 CD set
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Cost including p&p
£5 each + p&p or buy the set of 3 (6 discs) for £12 + p&p saving you £3  
Cost including p&p
Skylab is America's only national space station programme to attain operational service.  It was developed from plans to adapt Apollo lunar mission hardware under the Apollo Applications Program.  The three manned expeditions, flown between May 1973 and February 1974, set new world records of 28, 59  and 84 days.  Each would provide valuable information for both the Soviet and the current International Space Station programme.  Data from Skylab also helped rewrite the text books on solar science.

These Cd's are cd.roms complete with extract notes.
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SKYLAB - America's Space Station - featuring programme background and details of each of the three manned missions.
AROUND THE WORLD IN 84 DAYS   Authorised biography of astronaut Jerry Carr, Commander of Skylab 4
APOLLO, The Lost and Forgotten Missions
including details of the early Apollo Applications
programme, that evolved into Skylab

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