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Soyuz - A Universal Spacecraft - Rex D. Hall & David J. Shayler
with Foreword by Vladimir Shadalov (former Soviet cosmonaut)
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Extent: 453 pages
Binding: paperback
Publication Date: April 2003
ISBN: 978-1-85233-657-8

From 1966 up to the present time the Soyuz spacecraft has carried all the hopes of Soviet and Russian human space operations.  It has flown as an independent spacecraft in earth orbit, to the moon and as the ferry to Salyut and Mir space stations.  It is also the primary rescue craft for the International Space Station.

In Soyuz: A universal spacecraft, Rex Hall and David Shayler chronicle the development of the craft in all its different manned and unmanned varietnts.  This highly readable book draws  on a variety of sources, pictures, drawings and detailed information from a wide range of Russian and Western archival material.

Here is a history of a truly remarkable spacecraft, which continues to show the versatility necessary to span the first five decades of human exploration of space.
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