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Space Rescue
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Space Rescue, Ensuring the Safety of Manned Spaceflight
David J Shayler
with Foreword by Paul Weitz (former NASA astronaut)
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Extent: 392 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: November 2008
ISBN: 9780387699059
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What would it be like to be on a space mission, suffering an accident or malfunction and not being able to escape.

Crew safety and escape mechanisms have been at the forefront of all aspacecraft design throughout the history of space exploration.  Some have played a vital part in manned flight, while others never left the drawing board.

Space Rescue: Ensuring the Safety of Manned Spaceflight traces the development of crew rescue systems from the earliest designs of manned spacecraft to the current discussions of systems for ISS and on the prospect of sending men and women out towards Mars.    Uniquely, rather than focusing on the causes of specific events (Apollo 13, Columbia), this book examines them from the perspective of crew safety.  It describes the role of Mission Control and recovery forces in ensuring effective support from the ground to the crew in space, and shows how crews participate in wilderness training and abort simulations to help prepare them for almost any unplanned and emergency contingency they may have during their mission.
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