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Volynov, Boris
Russian Cosmonaut
1st Air Force Selection (1960)
After serving as a back up Cosmonaut several times, Boris Volynov completed two spaceflights, both of which were fraught with difficulties.  On his first mission as Commander of Soyuz 5 in January 1969, he participated in the first docking of two manned spacecraft and supported the EVA transfer of his two fellow crew-members over to Soyuz 4.  He re-entered alone in Soyuz 5, only to find that the aft module of his spacecraft had failed to separate cleanly.  Instead of turning around so that the heat shield bore the brunt of the re-entry, he was entering Earth’s atmosphere facing forward, where the protective ablative  coating was at its thinnest.  Fortunately the intense heating severed  the connections between his Descent Module and the other part of  his spacecraft and he managed to orientate the spacecraft for  entry just in time.  Seven years later, during a resident stay  aboard  the military Almaz (Diamond) space station Salyut 5, several problems in the environmental control system of the station and  the illness of his colleague curtailed their planned 60-day mission on the 49th day.  In both cases, the subsequent landings were also difficult.
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