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Zenit Collection
Featured on the CD are the following documents (in pdf format)

Zenit issues 1 through 64 plus supplement issues 23 and 37 (66 in total)

Zenit 65 Spring 2013 commemorative special edition

In addition

Soviet Cosmonaut Detachment 1960-1985 authored by Red Hall and Dave Shayler, a collection of brief biographies and background information commemorating 25 years of the Cosmonaut team.

Chinese Space Activities 1987-1988 by Phillip Clark

Soviet Rocket Engines by Phillip Clark

Also included are the following

Authors index: for the complete Zenit collection

Issue index: for the complete Zenit collection

Topic index: for the complete Zenit collection and the Cosmonaut Detachment book

All this for only
£10 + p&p
For many years, following the end of our very popular Zenit magazine production, AIS received enquiries regarding the possibility of obtaining individual issues or the complete collection via pdf format.  There were also requests to resume publication reflecting on the changes and developments in the new Russian Space programme.  In response to the continued interest in Zenit we have produced this CD which contains the complete set of original issues and a contemporary summary of the Soviet Cosmonaut Team circa 1985 by Rex Hall and Dave Shayler.
(If you already have a collection of the original magazines but have missing issues, these are still available to order click here)
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Price including postage
Click on the cover to see the Index by Topic, just one of the index's on the disc.
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